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THE WAR BOYS at Ally Theatre Company:

"Under the tight and insightful direction of Matt Ripa, Ally Theatre Company’s production is a raw and riveting look at the nexus of manhood, misogyny, and xenophobia." 

DC Metro Theatre Arts

BENCHED at Pinky Swear Productions:

"Under Matt Ripa’s staging, the three actors ace the Washington-based Currin’s comic dialogue while lending emotional weight to characters that might come off as shallow" -

Washington Post

WE TIRESIAS at Forum Theatre

"Director Matt Ripa makes bold, evocative choices in this production." - MD Theatre Guide


"The play, under Matt Ripa’s thoughtful direction, provides a clever conceit." - Washington Post

GODIVA DATES & ONE NIGHT STANDS at Doorway Arts Ensemble

"Director Matt Ripa’s subtle hand can be seen in these transitions, but also in the mood of the piece. Ripa’s choice of venue, music, and movement all aided in creating just the right tone to showcase Cabico as a truly delightful wordsmith."

DC Metro Theatre Arts

"I won't hesitate to get to the point. This one's recommended, practically a home run for that matter...hardly a dull moment." 

 Washington City Paper

MACK, BETH at Keegan Theatre

“Matt Ripa’s production of Mack, Beth is entertaining and filled with twists and turns. This new work does successfully make the point that the lust for power at the expense of everyone and everything else is just as relevant today as it was in Shakespeare’s time.”

DC Metro Theatre Arts

A BRIGHT NEW BOISE at Silver Spring Stage

"He isn’t afraid of silence and that adds to the sense of unease at all the right moments.."

Theatre to the Point

MORNING, MIRANDA at Doorway Arts Ensemble

"In the end, all of the pieces of Miranda’s puzzle come together in an emotional crescendo that Spotswood and Ripa orchestrate like a fine symphony."

DC Metro Theatre Arts

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